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仿真暗棋 APK 3.31

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Game Name 仿真暗棋
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可玩單機或線上找人對打,可線上透過 Google Play 遊戲服務找真人對打,也支援藍牙連線對打、WiFi 連線對打(有無連基地台都可以,只要雙方都開啟 WiFi,進入介面後依文字說明指示操作即可),無論單機或線上遊戲都支援連吃及單吃,趕快來場爽快的暗棋連吃吧。

權限使用說明:存取檔案的權限是因為人偶圖可更改所需,存取帳號是因為有g+線上對打所需,本程式不會做任何應用,而 Android 6.0 以上版本會事先要求權限准許,純粹只是程式功能所需,本程式的隱私權政策也有說明,所以請您放心使用。
由於 Android 8.0 以上版本在使用 WiFi 點對點搜尋裝置連線對打時,需用到 ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION 權限,在此說明。

1.支援 Google Play 遊戲服務


2.輪到你時,下棋的思考時間限制 45 秒,逾時就算輸,而連吃之間的間隔超過 3 秒就強制換邊。
上尉以下官階贏一場均為 100 分,但如遇上少校以上,且當官階低的打贏官階高的分數為取兩者

1.500(二兵)、2.1000(一兵)、3.1500(上兵)、4.2500(下士)、5.3500(中士)、 6.4500(上士)、7.6000(三等士官長)、




電腦棋藝的演算法會在下次版本陸續更改更貼近人類智慧,目前電腦的棋藝大概只到幼稚園吧 ,試看看。
You can play single or online to find people to play, you can find real people online through Google Play game service, also support Bluetooth connection, WiFi connection (can be connected to the base station, as long as both sides open WiFi, enter After the interface, follow the instructions of the text to indicate the operation. No matter whether it is a stand-alone or online game, you can support even eating and eating alone.

Permission instructions: The permission to access the file is because the figure can be changed. The account is accessed because there is a g+ line, and the program will not do any application. Android 6.0 or above will require permission in advance. It is purely just for the program function, and the program’s privacy policy is also explained, so please feel free to use it.
Since Android 8.0 or later uses the WiFi peer-to-peer search device to connect, you need to use the ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION permission, as explained here.

1. Support Google Play Game Services
2. You can find someone online or invite friends to play online.
3. You can check if you are invited to play.
4. Support leaderboards and levels (promotional promotion).
5. Score data is automatically saved in the cloud, and the scores of the checkpoints and leaderboards are not afraid of loss.
6. You can choose to eat even or eat on the line.
7. View the opponent’s official ranks and record scores.
8. The game type has a single eat, even eat, even eat speed, even eat the speed horse horse oblique mode.

Online related rules (support for eating and eating):

1. When entering the game room, it will first determine the order of the boxing, and will be based on the type of game chosen by the person who guessed the winner (even eating or eating alone).
2. When it is your turn, the thinking time for playing chess is limited to 45 seconds. If you pass the time, you will lose, and if you wait for more than 3 seconds, you will be forced to change.
3. The promotion of the rank is also the level. The scores for promotion to each rank and the scores for each rank are calculated as follows:
  The upper ranks of the upper ranks are 100 points, but in the case of a major or above, and the low rank of the official rank is the score of the two
  (Low rank wins a score, high rank wins a score divided by 2) Larger scores.

  1.500 (two soldiers), 2.1000 (one soldier), 3.1500 (sold soldier), 4.250 (corporal), 5.350 (sergeant), 6.4500 (sergeant), 7.6000 (third class officer),
  8.7500 (second and second officer), 9.9000 (first class officer), 10.11000 (less), 11.10,000 (centre), 12.15,000 (upper), 13.17500 (minor one, 300)
  14.25000 (1 in a field of Lieutenant Colonel 400), 15.37000 (500 in a colonel), 16.87000 (600 in a major general), 17.147000 (700 in a field of Lieutenant General), 18.287000 (800 in a second class)
  19.487000 (1 level 1000 on the first level), 20.3000000 (5-star generals 1 field 2000)

4. The game is in progress, leaving the game room, even losing.
5. The leaderboard scores are updated instantly.

Single machine:
I believe that many people have played Taiwan’s unique chess game of chess (supporting even eating and playing) when they were young. Half of them rely on luck and half rely on chess. They don’t know what pieces they will turn over. They are both expecting and afraid of being hurt. It is very fun. Just put the real feeling of playing chess on your phone or tablet, and pass the time when you are bored.
The types of simulated dark chess gameplay are divided into:

1. Single-single eating, that is, playing against the computer, you must first flop when you want to eat chess and only one piece at a time.
2. Double-play single-dip, two people play, and you must first flop when you play chess and you can only eat one piece at a time.
3. Single-seat even eating, that is, playing against the computer, you don’t have to flop directly to eat chess when you eat chess, and you can eat it continuously and can’t eat it.
4. Doubles evenly eat, the two play against each other, do not need to flop directly to eat chess when eating chess, and can eat continuously until they can not eat.
5. Single and double play even eat speed, the same way to eat, just increase the speed mode.
6. Single and double play even eat the speed of the horse, the same way to eat, just increase the speed and horse oblique mode.

Please set the above various gameplays and settings in the option settings.
The algorithm of computer chess will be closer to human wisdom in the next version. At present, the chess game of the computer is probably only in kindergarten. Try it.

仿真暗棋 APK 3.31

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  2. Enter Settings / Security / Check Unknown Source (Source Not Known)
  3. Then install until it’s finished
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MOD features:

  • Unlimited Coins/Gems
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All (No Ads)
  • Free Upgrade New Level
  • Life time mod version